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Thread: McLaren not worried by electronic unit issue

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    Default McLaren not worried by electronic unit issue

    160874915?ITEM ENT ID934492&ampITEM VERSION1&ampCOLLSPEC ENT ID10 - McLaren not worried by electronic unit issue
    McLaren Electronics Systems (MES), a subsidiary of the McLaren Group, has provided standard ECUs for all teams in Formula One over the past few years.
    For this year and beyond, MES have upgraded the component, only for a number of teams to encounter issues over the two four-day tests that have taken place at Jerez and Barcelona.
    With the final four-day test to commence on Thursday in Barcelona, it leaves MES little time to resolve matters ahead of the season-opening Australian Grand Prix on March 17.
    Peter van Manen, the managing director of MES, said: "There is a new ECU for 2013, replacing the unit that has been running on F1 cars for the past five years.
    "This new unit will be used with the V8 engines this year and will go on to control the new powertrains in 2014 and beyond.
    "They are complex units and, despite considerable bench and dyno testing during 2012, there are inevitable teething problems that are revealed and need to be resolved during track testing.
    "The FIA, the teams, the engine manufacturers and McLaren Electronics Systems are all working together during current pre-season testing to ensure the systems are in good shape for racing in Melbourne."
    Teri ankhon uworiginal - McLaren not worried by electronic unit issue

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    Default Re: McLaren not worried by electronic unit issue

    images?qtbnANd9GcSD7qCu5RmanJAqGaixYtC w47jXo28t NBgcZ q5Z33lher5Bl - McLaren not worried by electronic unit issue

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