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Thread: Beckham: I feel at home at PSG

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    Default Beckham: I feel at home at PSG

    162801186?ITEM ENT ID941319&ampITEM VERSION1&ampCOLLSPEC ENT ID10 - Beckham: I feel at home at PSG
    Beckham made his first start for the French club against Marseille, playing 85 minutes before he was brought off for Christophe Jallet to warm applause.
    The former England captain expressed his delight at being welcomed at the club.
    "It's always good to start a match," he told RMC. "It was a pleasure. I feel at home, I'm playing with super players in a super team. I felt good, but I cannot always play 85 minutes immediately."
    Beckham was booked for a confrontation with Jordan Ayew, but he played down the clash as part and parcel of a high-tension cup clash.
    "The coming together with Jordan Ayew? This happens in big matches like this. The tension is high. I'm not complaining," he added.
    "He did not arrive just so we could take pictures, press conferences and sell jerseys. Today was the confirmation of that."
    PSG coach Carlo Ancelotti was full of praise for Beckham, who took the place of the suspended Marco Verratti in the midfield seamlessly.
    "Beckham had a very good game," said Ancelotti. "As usual, he delivered good passes, and played well in the axis with [Blaise] Matuidi. He showed he could play, even though he is 37.
    "It was a different game to last Sunday. Marseille used different tactics. They played deeper to prevent us from playing. In fact, it was easier for us to keep the ball."
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    Default Re: Beckham: I feel at home at PSG


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