Remember The Milk is a mobile application developed just for the iphone and iPod touch users with which they can attend to any of their tasks from anywhere. Just add the notes and events and later on you can see them, edit them or even synchronise them also. Undoubtedly Remember the Milk iphone and iPod touch is a feature packed application.

Features of Remember the Milk for iphone and iPod touch:
1. You can set priority to your tasks and can also sort them according to the last date or priority or other sorting parameters.
2. Remember the Milk provides easy switching between the completed and the uncompleted tasks.
3. Remember the Milk provides reminder features which will alert you of upcoming events and for this service you need to register at Remember The Milk - Getting Started with Reminders.
4. RTM provides powerful search features which make it easier to locate any specified task among the entire database.
5. You can also add location specific tasks and when you are near to that particular location a pop will notify you of the task you need to do in that location.
6. With the action features specifically designed to save time, you can add notes to your tasks with fewer clicks.

The list of features is not over yet. You can see the full list of features at this link. Remember the Milk is not available as a free download and can be download from apple store the link to which is given below.
Download Remember the Milk for iphone and iPod touch