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Thread: I’ll never have you

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    Default I’ll never have you

    To conceal from you, once more–
    The secret of my core, my core–
    I close on the door- of my luring eyes–
    the curtain of lashes, soft, heavy and dry.

    My heart tied to a burning desire,
    I call onto God’s heavenly fire.
    Pious in front of thee, front of thee,
    I promise virtue at my knee, my knee!

    Oh, never believe in my word,
    They are at odds with my soul!
    All I said were untrue, I lied,
    I've versed the odes- you liked!

    You sing for me the songs, songs–
    you know how my heart is wrung.
    As-if I am asleep and your words–
    speak to me right off another world.

    Maybe you have heard women–
    Say No when Yes is their omen!
    They show not how they're fragile–
    secretive they are, yet so agile, agile!

    Oh, I am a woman, a woman too–
    In flight of love, with you, with you!
    I love you, O such a fine dream,–
    Though I’ll never have you I deem!

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