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Thread: Karachi mai Tabdeli Achuki Hai (Trust Me)

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    Default Karachi mai Tabdeli Achuki Hai (Trust Me)

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    Just returned from the Karachi Dharna at Shahrah-e-Faisal by PTI and JI supporters.

    I was returning from office and saw the crowd gathered at Shahrah-e-Faisal and to show my support against the rigging in elections, I parked my bike, left my helmet unlocked as I knew it is not going anywhere and joined them to show my support for the cause.

    Initially I was just roaming around, taking pictures, making videos etc but later on I noticed something which I never experienced before. The protesters who were literally shouting while chanting and were recording their protest were provided water frequently, there were families, kids, boys girls, I myself saw an old man with age of 80+ giving an enthusiastic response to the chants.

    Then I saw a box of biscuit roaming around in the crowd and everyone was picking up a packet from it and was passing it forward. The next moment was shocking + proud for me when I saw all of those people who got the packet taking one biscuit from the packet and passing on the remaining biscuits to people in their front row and the front row people did the same.

    Trust me guys, Tabdeeli aa chuki hai.
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    Default Re: Karachi mai Tabdeli Achuki Hai (Trust Me)

    haan theek kaha aap ne

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