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Thread: 6 Shawwal - Urs Hazrat Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullah Alaih

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    exclaim 6 Shawwal - Urs Hazrat Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullah Alaih

    xc7ztc - 6 Shawwal - Urs Hazrat Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullah Alaih

    Hazrat Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullahh Alaih Peero Murshid Hazrat Khawaja Garib Nawaz Rahmatullah Alaih

    Khawaja Shaykh Usman Harooni Rahmatullahi alayh was born in small town called Harun, which is in the region of Khorasan which is in Iran. According to some, he was born in 526 AH [1131 CE] and according to others, he was born in 510 AH [1116 CE]. He was a Sayyad [descendent of the Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alaihi wasallam] and also known by the names as Abu Noor and Abu Mansur. When he was rather young, he came in touch with an absorbed mystic [majzub] by the name of 'Chirk'. This association with 'Chirk' brought about a significant transformation in his life. As a result, the material world lost its charm for him and he decided to embrace a higher moral and spiritual life.

    Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullahi alaih went to meet HADRAT HAJI SHAREEF AL ZINDANI Rahmatullahi alayh, a renowned mystic and saint of the Chishti Order, with a request to be enrolled as his spiritual disciple. Khawaja Haji Sharif Zindani Rahmatullahi alaih found him to be a fit person and accepted the request, by placing a four-edged cap upon the head of Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullahi alaih. He then told him that the four-edged cap implied the following four things:
    * First is the renunciation of this world;
    * Second is the renunciation of the world hereafter;
    * Third is the renunciation of the desires of the self;
    * Fourth is the renunciation of everything other than God.

    Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullahi alayh spent over thirty years in the company of his murshid [spiritual guide]. During this period, he was engaged in ascetic practices and prayers. As time passed, he gained many spiritual accomplishments. He was then asked by his spiritual guide to move on and spread the Gospel of Truth.


    Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullahi alaih undertook many tours and travels to preach the Gospel of Truth. In the process, he visited many countries and cities. Among them are prominent Bukhara , Baghdad, Faluja, Damascus, Makkah and Madina. During the course of his travels, he also performed the Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah. In almost all cities, he enjoyed the company of renowned sufis and accomplished dervishes. During all his many journeys, he was always accompanied by his close and dear spiritual murid [disciple], Khawaja Muin al-Din Hasan Chishti [d.633H] Rahmatullahi alayh, who carried his tiffin basket. After a while, Hazrat Usman Harroni Rahmatullahi alaih visited India, during the rule of Sultan Altamish.

    Sad Demise:

    Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullahi alayh breathed his last on 5th of Shawaal in the year 617 AH [1220 CE]. His blessings are still invoked by thousands of people belonging to every strata of society and every school of thought. Whilst his shrine in Makkah has been destroyed by the Saudi Government, there is also a symbol of his strength and source of his blessings at the Usmani Chilla at Ajmer Shareef.


    Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Rahmatullahi alaih
    Hazrat shaikh Najmuddin Safri Rahmatullahi alaih
    Hazrat shaikh Saadi Rahmatullahi alaih
    Hazrat shaikh Muhammad Turk Aiman Rahmatullahi alaih

    Messages and teachings:

    According to Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullahi alaih, a great man is one who is endowed with virtues like contentment, sincerity, self-abnegation, self-sacrifice and above all, spirit of renunciation. He said that; 'the ego in a man was an enemy, as it did not allow him to think rationally, act wisely and live happily. He emphasised that unless a man loves human beings, it is impossible for him to love Allah'
    His advice was simple and his message was as simple and that was "Live".

    To exist is one thing but to 'LIVE' another. To exist means to merely breathe, but to live means to keep the welfare of fellow beings uppermost in priority. To live a good life requires a serious effort on one's own part. No exterior agency, legislation or act can make the man a moral being. Inner discovery is very important.

    To help his disciples live a better life, Khawaja Usman Harooni gave discourses at times to guide them towards a better path. Of his many teachings, prominent are:
    * Once the Friend becomes your friend, the whole universe becomes yours. Then it is necessary that you should become unmindful of everything else except the Friend, should ever be with Him and should follow Him faithfully.
    * According to him, the faithful is one who keeps three things dear to his heart: mendicancy, illness and death.
    * It is best to not weep or wail in times of difficulty. In fact, according to the witness of Hadrat Abdullah Ansari Rahmatullahi alaih, the Beloved Prophet Mohammed Peace and Blessings upon him & his family has laid down that the one who weeps and wails in times of trouble and tribulation invites the curse of Allah upon himself.
    * The one who feeds the hungry is dear to Allah. Allah fulfills a thousand wants and frees such a person from hell-fire.
    * He who gives food to a dervish becomes free from all sins.

    Kalam Of Hazrat Khuwaja Usman Al-Harooni Rahmatullahi alaih

    Namee danam key akhir chun dam e deedar mi raqsam
    Magar nazam baeen zoqey key peshey yar mi raqsam
    Biya jana tamasha kun key dar ambohey ja bazan
    Basad saman e ruswaee sarey bazar mi raqsam
    Khusha rindi key pama lash kunam sad parsaee raa
    Zahey taqwa key maan ba jubba o dastar mi raqsam
    Tuwan qatil key az behrey tamashan khun e man rezee
    Manan bismil key zerey khanjar ey khun khar mi raqsam
    Manam Usman e Harooni wa yar e shaikh e mansooram
    Malamat mee kunad khalqey waman bardar mi raqsam

    I do not know why at last to have a longing look I dance,
    But I feel proud of the fondness that before the Friend I dance.
    Thou strikest the musical instrument and lo !
    everytime I dance,
    In whatever way Thou causest me to dance, o Friend,I dance.
    Come O Beloved ! see the spectacle that in the crowd of the intrepid and daring,
    With a hundred ignomies in the heart of the market I dance.
    Blessed is recklessness that I trample underfoot the very many acts of virtue,
    Hail to piety that with the robe and the turban I dance.
    I am Usman e Harooni and a friend of Shaykh Mansur,
    They revile and rebuke and upon the gallows I dance.

    Aapka Mazaar Mubarak Makkah Sharif Masjid e haram mein hain, aapki mazar mubarak par ek pillar hain. Hazrat Khwaja Usman Haruni Rahmatullahi Alaih ka 1 farsi shayar uska mafoom yeh tha ke, Aey ALLAH azwajal tere bande jab tere ghar (Kabatullah sharif) ki ziyarat karne jaaye to mere sene par chadkar jaye , magar yeh ALLAH azwajal ko pasand nahi tha ke mere wali ke sine par koi kadam rakhe isliye ALLAH azwajal ki marji se mehfooz raha aur ab Mazar e mubarak par pillar hain.

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    Default Re: 6 Shawwal - Urs Hazrat Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullah Alai

    Jazak ALLAH khair

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    jazak1 - 6 Shawwal - Urs Hazrat Khawaja Usman Harooni Rahmatullah Alaih

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