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Thread: IBSF World Championship:Sajjad continues sensational run

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    Default IBSF World Championship:Sajjad continues sensational run

    642524 Sajjad 1386434575 101 640x480 - IBSF World Championship:Sajjad continues sensational run

    KARACHI: Pakistan’s Mohammad Sajjad stormed into the semi-final of IBSF World Championship by thrashing Scotland’s Michael Collumb 6-0 in the quarter-final.

    Sajjad quickly got into the groove and dominated the proceedings. He went on to score a century break which helped him register a win with frame scores of 69-20, 69-37(63), 54-41, 105-22(105), 64-63 and 65-08.
    He will now take on China’s Zhao Xintong in the semi-final as he bids to become the third Pakistan player after Mohammad Yousuf and Mohammad Asif to lift the Amateur world title.
    Sajjad, along with dethroned world champion Mohammad Asif, also went on to win the maiden IBSF World Team Championship and has since grown into stature.
    Sajjad has always been rated highly by former world champion Mohammad Yousuf, who once said that he is more dangerous than Asif on his day but often lacks the confidence needed to fight in big matches.
    Pakistan’s other three cueists Asif, Imran Shehzad and Shahid Aftab have already been knocked out, but they all are praying for their teammate to ensure that the title stays with Pakistan.
    “Though I’ve lost my world title crown, I’m praying that Sajjad wins it for Pakistan,” Asif told The Express Tribune.
    “It would be great that the new world champion is from Pakistan because it’ll further boost our profile worldwide.
    “The last 12 months have been really good for our country and things will only get better if Sajjad is able to win the title and show everyone that there is an abundance of talent in snooker.”
    The 31-year-old cueist stressed that Sajjad has everything needed to become a world champion but he needs to remain calm in tense situations and hopefully luck would favour him.
    “All three of us are backing Sajjad because he is our last hope. Thankfully in snooker there is no jealousy and we all think alike for the betterment of the country.
    “I’ve shared my past experiences with him, which can be of use while Imran and Shahid are also trying to cheer him up.”
    Meanwhile, Sajjad’s semi-final was in progress till the filing of this story.
    Teri ankhon uworiginal - IBSF World Championship:Sajjad continues sensational run

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