i - Program Your Mobile Phone KeyBoard with Virtual Ke

Virtual Key is a mobile application designed for Symbian operation system mobile phones. Virtual Key is however not a very stylish application but it certainly provides the full functionality for what it is meant to perform. Virtual Key mobile application is designed for making the keypad to performs different functions or in other words key mapping.

virtual key - Program Your Mobile Phone KeyBoard with Virtual Ke

Features of Virtual Key:
1. Virtual Key allows you to configure almost every key on you r key pad and whats more is that you can also configure your soft keys to perform other tasks.
2. You can map the numeric 2 key to perform “up” function and just like this you can map almost any key.
3. Virtual Key doesn’t only supports the classic keypads but it also provides full support for QWERTY keyboards thereby increasing the activity domain of the keypads.
4. Virtual Key supports two types of mapping techniques which are include and exclude and the key mapping can be done according to your choice and mode of preference.
5. Virtual Key mobile application also provides full support not only in English but it is also available for download in many other international languages.
The interface of the application is not so trendy and eye catching but this is an application designed to provide functionality rather than looks and style. Download the application from the link given below and leave your comments so that the other users can be benefitted.
Download Virtual Key
Supported phones: all the Symbian OS phones.