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Thread: Mata transfer finalised

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    Manchester United have agreed a fee of £37 million for Chelsea playmaker Juan Mata. Jose Mourinho has confirmed that Mata will imminently move to United, and suggested that Chelsea have taken the decision to sell due to Financial Fair Play.
    "I think this club is a special club, it cares with people, and is respectful with the players, especially with the players that wrote the history with the club, and Juan is one of these cases". Mou said.
    "I think, and I still think, he could be important for us and of course he's a fantastic player. In spite of not playing for us, especially in the last period, he could be a very important player for us but Juan had this fantastic opportunity for him", the Portuguese manager added.
    "Another big club wants him, in a country where he loves to be and loves to play, with an offer that is the right offer for us. The player deserves respect, deserves to be happy and play where he wants to play, and because the offer is obviously what we consider the right offer for the quality of the player, we allowed him to negotiate with them, and didn't close the door", Mourinho said.
    "I asked him when the offer come, I asked him are you really happy to go, and he was saying 'yes I am really happy to go'. It's good for Juan, good for the Premier League and the offer, financial terms for us, is the right offer. Compared to what the club paid two years ago was fantastic", the Chelsea manager concluded.

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    thanx for sharing
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