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Thread: 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

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    snow 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

    Pakistan is blessed with four seasons in a year. Winter usually starts in mid October and last till February end. There are lots of breathtaking places in pakistan to enjoy winter season. During winter heavy snow fall hit some areas of Pakistan creating fascinating snowy landscapes. Every year people rushed to these places to enjoy snowfall. We recommend you to must visit top 10 places to enjoy snowfall in Pakistan. Enjoy the snowfall with your loved ones and feel the awesomeness of winter along with some specially cooked traditional winter’s cuisine.

    10. Hunza Valley

    ImageProxymvc?bicild&ampcanarymmc8mQy53nNfMg6D9W66xw8k6DNv7eh2fxwpi4JMqvK83d0&ampurlhttp3a2f2f1 psgoogleusercontentcom2fx2fwwwwonderslistcom2fi2wpcom2fwwwwonderslistcom2fwp content2fuploads2f20142f012fxhunza valley snowfall2cqresize3d5002cP2C333pagespeedic2o6aT1ufoz - 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

    Situated north/west of the Hunza River, at an elevation of around 8,200 ft, the Hunza is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan. It’s a big valley with many tourist attraction. Baltit is one of the most popular tourist destination because of the spectacular scenery of the surrounding mountains like Ultar Sar, Rakaposhi, Bojahagur Duanasir II, Ghenta Peak, Hunza Peak, Passu Peak, Diran Peak and Bublimotin (Ladyfinger Peak), all are 19,685 ft or higher.

    9. Kalash Valleys – Chitral

    ImageProxymvc?bicild&ampcanarymmc8mQy53nNfMg6D9W66xw8k6DNv7eh2fxwpi4JMqvK83d0&ampurlhttp3a2f2f1 psgoogleusercontentcom2fx2fwwwwonderslistcom2fi1wpcom2fwwwwonderslistcom2fwp content2fuploads2f20142f012fxKalash Valleys snow falling2cqresize3d5002cP2C333pagespeedickEkUKCc3sE - 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

    One of the major attractions of Chitral are the Kalash valleys – the home of the Kafir-Kalash or “Wearers of the Black Robes”, a primitive pagan tribe. Located at the altitude of 5,476-7, 576 feet, these are a group of three small valleys: Brir, Bumburet and Rambur. Brir lies at the southern most tip of Chitral at a distance of 34 km. Bumburet, the largest and the most picturesque valley of the Kafir Kalash, is 36 km from Chitral. And Rambur is 32 km from Chitral. All these valleys are connected by a jeep-able road. Besides enjoying the snow, you can also enjoy their famous traditional game “snow golf” during the winter.

    ImageProxymvc?bicild&ampcanarymmc8mQy53nNfMg6D9W66xw8k6DNv7eh2fxwpi4JMqvK83d0&ampurlhttp3a2f2f1 psgoogleusercontentcom2fx2fwwwwonderslistcom2fi2wpcom2fwwwwonderslistcom2fwp content2fuploads2f20142f012fxskardu snowfall2cqresize3d5002cP2C333pagespeedicEgLD393NWp - 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

    Located at the confluence of the Indus and the Shigar River, with an altitude of 8,200 feet, Skardu is a town and capital of Skardu District, in Gilgit–Baltistan, northeastern Pakistan. The town is surrounded by grey-brown coloured mountains, which hide the 8,000 metre peaks of the nearby Karakoram range. There are three lakes in the vicinity of Skardu; Upper Kachura lake, Lower Kachura Lake, and Sadpara Lake. Skardu is equally popular with high altitude trekkers, who treks to Baltoro Glacier, K2 Base Camp and Concordia. It lies approximately 5 hours away from Gilgit and 10 hours drive from Besham.

    7. Leepa Valley
    ImageProxymvc?bicild&ampcanarymmc8mQy53nNfMg6D9W66xw8k6DNv7eh2fxwpi4JMqvK83d0&ampurlhttp3a2f2f1 psgoogleusercontentcom2fx2fwwwwonderslistcom2fi0wpcom2fwwwwonderslistcom2fwp content2fuploads2f20142f012fxleepa valley snowfall2cqresize3d5002cP2C333pagespeediccV6WcvanQu - 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

    Leepa Vallery is the most charming and most beautiful valley in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. This is the most fascinating & loveliest valley. It offers an unending variety of scenic spectacular beauty, an everlasting memory of sights and sounds. It has high mountains covered with pine trees. Throughout the winter season the Leepa valley is covered with snow. It is located 105 kilometres from Muzaffarabad. A fair-weather road branches off for Leepa from Naile 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, climbs over Reshian Gali (10498 feet above sea level) and then descends to 5501 feet on the other side into the Leepa Valley.

    6. Malam Jabba – Swat Valley
    ImageProxymvc?bicild&ampcanarymmc8mQy53nNfMg6D9W66xw8k6DNv7eh2fxwpi4JMqvK83d0&ampurlhttp3a2f2f1 psgoogleusercontentcom2fx2fwwwwonderslistcom2fi1wpcom2fwwwwonderslistcom2fwp content2fuploads2f20142f012fxMalam Jabba Swat2cqresize3d5002cP2C333pagespeedicgG7lsB35xe - 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

    The home to the only ski resort in Pakistan, Malam Jabba is a Hill Station in the Karakoram mountain range nearly 40 km from Saidu Sharif in Swat Valley, KPK. The Malam Jabba Ski Resort had a ski slope of about 800 m with the highest point of the slope 9200 ft above sea level. The resort was equipped with modern facilities including roller/ice-skating rinks, chair lifts, skiing platforms, telephones and snow clearing equipment. The area also contains two Buddhist stupas and six monasteries that are scattered around the resort.
    5. Peer Chanasi – Muzaffarabad
    ImageProxymvc?bicild&ampcanarymmc8mQy53nNfMg6D9W66xw8k6DNv7eh2fxwpi4JMqvK83d0&ampurlhttp3a2f2f1 psgoogleusercontentcom2fx2fwwwwonderslistcom2fi2wpcom2fwwwwonderslistcom2fwp content2fuploads2f20142f012fxPeer Chanasi2cqresize3d5002cP2C333pagespeedicUxiVtKzjPT - 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

    The awe-inspiring location, with an altitude of 9593 feet above the sea level is located 32 Kilometer, eastward of Muzaffarabad. Peer Chanasi is the major tourist attraction of the capital city Muzaffarabad, during the both seasons summer and winter. Due to its tremendous scenic beauty, velvet green plateaus and wonderful climate, it wins admiration of nature lovers.

    4. Naran – Kaghan Valley

    ImageProxymvc?bicild&ampcanarymmc8mQy53nNfMg6D9W66xw8k6DNv7eh2fxwpi4JMqvK83d0&ampurlhttp3a2f2f1 psgoogleusercontentcom2fx2fwwwwonderslistcom2fi1wpcom2fwwwwonderslistcom2fwp content2fuploads2f20142f012fxSnow fall in Naran valley2cqresize3d5002cP2C333pagespeedicrHXfSRh9Q  - 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

    Naran is a town in upper Kaghan Valley in Mansehra District, KPK. It is located 119 km from Mansehra city at the altitude of 8,202 feet. It is one of the most scenic town in Pakistan, attracting thousands of tourists, trekkers, photographers and nature-enthusiast, every year. It’s the base station to scenic destinations like Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Lalazar Babusar, Noori Valley and Purbi Valley.

    3. Kel Valley
    ImageProxymvc?bicild&ampcanarymmc8mQy53nNfMg6D9W66xw8k6DNv7eh2fxwpi4JMqvK83d0&ampurlhttp3a2f2f1 psgoogleusercontentcom2fx2fwwwwonderslistcom2fi2wpcom2fwwwwonderslistcom2fwp content2fuploads2f20142f012fxneelum snowfall2cqresize3d5002cP2C333pagespeedicF6EE0DxJ8a - 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

    Kel is a village in Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir. It is located 155 kilometers from Muzaffarabad at the altitude of 6,879 feet. It’s one of the charming places to visit in Neelum Valley. If you really love to enjoy snowfall, you must go there. It’s also base camp to the highest peak (Sarawaai Peak, 6326 meters above sea level) and largest glacier (Sarawaai Galcier, 25 km long) of the Azad Kashmir.

    2. Nathia Gali
    ImageProxymvc?bicild&ampcanarymmc8mQy53nNfMg6D9W66xw8k6DNv7eh2fxwpi4JMqvK83d0&ampurlhttp3a2f2f1 psgoogleusercontentcom2fx2fwwwwonderslistcom2fi1wpcom2fwwwwonderslistcom2fwp content2fuploads2f20142f012fxSnowFall in NathiaGali2cqresize3d5002cP2C333pagespeedicGTjlBu5JBf - 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

    Best known for its scenic beauty, hiking tracks and pleasant weather, Nathia Gali is a mountain resort town or hill station in Hazara, KPK. Located at an altitude of 8,200 feet, it’s one of the most popular tourist areas of the Murree Hills. It is situated 34 km at one hour’s drive away from both Murree and Abbottabad, lying midway between these two places. The weather of Nathiagali remains cool, pleasant and foggy in Summers. Cold winds start to chill the weather in Autumn. Winters are very cold and chilly. Want to chill the heavy snowfall, go there in December and January.

    1. Ziarat

    ImageProxymvc?bicild&ampcanarymmc8mQy53nNfMg6D9W66xw8k6DNv7eh2fxwpi4JMqvK83d0&ampurlhttp3a2f2f1 psgoogleusercontentcom2fx2fwwwwonderslistcom2fi0wpcom2fwwwwonderslistcom2fwp content2fuploads2f20142f012fxZiarat SnowFall2cqresize3d5002cP2C333pagespeedic9ldTT13gqJ - 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

    The home of second largest Juniper tree forest in the world, Ziarat is undoubtedly one of the best natural places to visit in Pakistan. It is a famous tourist site for both summer and winter seasons. Surrounded by well-wooded and picturesque hills, it’s located at an altitude of 8050 feet. Ziarat is best known for its juniper trees, some of which are 5000 to 7000 years old. If you want to enjoy snowfall in Balochistan province, then definitely Ziarat is best location. There is a small dam and the valley is full of fruits in summer and winter cherry in summer and apple in winter. When the snow falls in winter the juniper valley is at its most beautiful.
    2v1u8md - 10 Best Places to Enjoy Snowfall in Pakistan‏

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