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Thread: Umar Akmal charged for run-in with police

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    Default Umar Akmal charged for run-in with police

    666242 vlcsnaphms 1391244022 308 640x480 - Umar Akmal charged for run-in with police
    Express News screengrab of Umar Akmal after the arrest

    Test cricketer Umar Akmal has been detained by police for questioning after being accused of assaulting a police warden near Firdous Town in Lahore, Express News reported on Saturday.

    A First Information Report (FIR) was registered against him at the Gulberg police station and he will be presented before a court within the next 24 hours.
    “He violated a traffic signal and when he was stopped by the traffic warden he misbehaved with him, got abusive and also tore his shirt,” senior police official Tariq Aziz told reporters on Saturday.
    Aziz said physically assaulting and tearing the shirt of a police officer was a serious violation. “He is presently detained at the police station for questioning,” he added.
    The warden, identified as Zeeshan, claimed that Akmal swore at him also threatened him.
    However, Akmal, 23, denied the charges and told reporters that the traffic warden had slapped him and abused him over a minor issue.
    “His behaviour was inappropriate to say the least. I came to the police station to register a complaint and instead they have detained me,” he added.
    Speaking to the media, Gulberg assistant superintendant police (ASP) Zahid Nawaz said that Akmal’s face was not hurt and therefore there was no evidence to support his claim. He added that the warden’s shirt was torn near his collar and if anyone had resorted to violence, it was Akmal, not the warden.
    Akmal claimed the incident was captured on CCTV cameras at the traffic signal and the footage will make it clear who was the aggrieved and guilty parties.
    Later in the day, Umar Akmal’s brother Kamran Akmal, who is also a cricketer, spoke to the media regarding his brother’s arrest.
    Nobody is being allowed to see Umar, said Kamran Akmal, adding that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials were also turned away in the police station.
    Teri ankhon uworiginal - Umar Akmal charged for run-in with police

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