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Thread: Pirellii looking forward to new tests

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    Default Pirellii looking forward to new tests

    Pirelli20Motorsport20Director20Paul20Hembery?ITEM ENT ID1013278&ampCOLLSPEC ENT ID10&ampITEM VERSION1 - Pirellii looking forward to new tests

    Following last year's debacle for Pirelli, that reached its nadir at Silverstone where exploding rubber overshadowed the British Grand Prix, the Italian manufacturer is aiming for a quieter 2014.
    With the new power units due to take centre stage, Pirelli has no intention of stealing their thunder and so the tyres this year are due to be more conservative.
    Given the focus on the engine manufacturers during last week's first pre-season test in Jerez, little information was gleaned by Pirelli with regard to their new tyre choices.
    Hembery, however, feels over the eight days and two pre-season in Bahrain - February 19-22 and February 27-March 2 - more attention will be slowly placed on the tyres, and with it greater adaptability should problems be posed.
    "The emphasis was not on tyres during the Jerez test, instead the teams were simply trying to get an understanding of the radical new set of regulations and put the first kilometres on to their cars," said Hembery.
    "With so much to understand about the new power units and aerodynamic rules, the teams aimed simply to increase their knowledge about the cars.
    "The upcoming tests in Bahrain should allow them to focus on tyres a little more, having had two weeks to develop their cars and remedy any issues that have been identified at Jerez.
    "We too are completely open, flexible and ready to adapt our tyres should the tests in Bahrain - where more meaningful running will take place - identify any need to do so."
    To underline the difficulties experienced in Jerez last week by the majority of the teams, just 1,470 laps were completed, compared to the 3,531 in 2012.
    Teri ankhon uworiginal - Pirellii looking forward to new tests

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    nice sharing
    کہاں اتنی سزائیں تھیں بھلا اس زندگانی میں
    ہزاروں گھر ہوئے روشن جو میرا دل جلا محسنؔ

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