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Thread: Shahaadat of Sheikh Usaidul Haq Qadri Badayuni at Baghdad Sharif

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    exclaim Shahaadat of Sheikh Usaidul Haq Qadri Badayuni at Baghdad Sharif

    Shahaadat of Sheikh Usaidul Haq Qadri Badayuni at Baghdad Sharif

    "Jatey hain kaha hum is dar se ye Ghaus ka dar hai Ghaus ka dar
    Jeena bhi yahin marna bhi yaheen, ye ji mein hum ne thaani hai"

    [Kalaam of Hazrat Abdul Hameed Muhammad Salimul Qadri, father of Shaheed-e-Baghdad Usaidul Haq Qadri Badayuni - Rahmat Allah Alaih]

    Very sad to inform you that we AHLE SUNNAH WAL JAMA'AT lost. A very young Sunni scholar "Shaheed Usaidul Haq Qadri". INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAJI'UN.

    On Tuesday, 4th March 2014, the car carrying Hazrat Salim Qadri, the Sajjada Nasheen of Khanqah Aaliya Qadri - Badayun Shareef, his sons Allama Usaidul Haq Qadri and Moulvi Ateef Qadri, Hafiz Abdul Qayyum Qadri and also Iqbal Qadri was ambushed and shot at by terrorist as they were on their visit to the Sunni scholars and awliya (Alaihimur rahma) of Iraq, after their Haazri at the Maqam of The Light of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'at Sheikh Muhyuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani Rahmat Allah Alaih. All passengers survived the terrorist attack but Allama Usaidul Haq, 38 years old, returned to Allah as a shaheed and martyr, succumbing to injuries from the firing of the unidentified assassins. Allah chose the path of Shahadat for this Muhammadi scholar, Usmani son and Qadri ghulam and the resting place in the city of the Reviver of Religion, and Imam Al Azam and eminent awliya and ulama of Islam.

    Shaheed Usaidul Haq Qadri (Rahmat Allah Alaih) has been blessed with a resting place among the family members of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rahmat Allah Alaih) within the ahaata of the Dargah of Huzoor-e-Ghaus-Paak Rahmat Allah Alaih in Baghdad Shareef.

    See Video : The tadfeen of Allama Usaidul Haq Qadri in Baghdad Shareef

    About Shaheed Usaidul Haq Qadri

    The eldest son of Hazrat Al Haaj Qadhi Abdul Hameed Muhammad Salim Qadri Budauni, the Sajjada Nasheen of Khanqah Qadriah Budayun Shareef, Uttar Pradesh, India, and known mostly as "Sheikh Sahab", Allama Usaid Sahab was an orator par excellence, spiritual poet, thinker and humanitarian.

    He was the author of dozens of Islamic and spiritual books in multiple languages all of which he made available free of cost to read, download and print online across multiple websites. He paid for the publishing from his own pocket and refused to take even one rupee from the sale of his books.

    Sheikh Sahab was a prolific writer, and in addition to his original writings, also summarised and reprinted many classic works from the earlier Ulama in easy language - believing that he owed a debt to his illustrious lineage of scholars of the Khanvada-e-Usmania to take the message of Islam, peace and social service further.

    Allama Usaidul Haq was active online, with thousands of friends and followers on Facebook from all over the world, with whom he shared links to his books and trips to historical Islamic places. He was loved, respected and admired by the young and the old, the scholars and the laymen, the traditional and the modern.

    Some of his favourite themes were the importance of humanitarian work and social service in Islam, contentment of the heart, love of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and most importantly speaking up against terrorism and promoting peace and harmony between people of all denominations.

    He had devoted his life to the service of humanity through his knowledge and actions. And he was chosen as a martyr by Allah in the land of the spiritual guide of the Silsila Al Qaadriya - Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani - Rahmat Allah Alaih.

    We grieve for the loss of a young Sunni scholar who was loved by all and had so much to give to the world. Yet we submit and rejoice in Allah's decision to choose him for martyrdom, and for him a resting place that he shall now share with the most imminent scholars of Islam and the Qaadri Tariqah - from Imam-e-Azam Hazrat Abu Hanifah Rahmat Allah Alaih to Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Rahmat Allah Alaih.

    May Allah grant our beloved Sheikh Sahab highest stations in Jannat Al Firdaus, accept his services to the deen and to humanity, and with the drops of his ink and his innocent blood of martyrdom, may Allah bring forth many many more scholars and peacemakers who will unite our hearts and connect us to our Creator through love and peace. And May Allah grant peace and sakeenah to his family and everyone who holds a special place in their heart for him. Ameen Summa Ameen.

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    Aameen Suma Aameen

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    eq2hdk - Shahaadat of Sheikh Usaidul Haq Qadri Badayuni at Baghdad Sharif

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