kieran gibbs getty 2860195b - Chelsea hit Arsenal for six

Arsène Wenger’s 1,000th game and it was over after seven minutes. But it will reverberate for hours, days, weeks – maybe even far longer. Arsenal were, in Jose Mourinho’s clear-eyed assessment, “killed”. And he was the smiling assassin.

Each defeat may leave a scar on the Arsenal manager’s heart – as he put it so lyrically on the eve this match – but this chaotic capitulation will have lacerated. It was beyond humiliation, some painful zone of suffering.

After the six goals conceded against Manchester City, the five to Liverpool, came the six to Chelsea. That is 17 goals in just three matches away to the three teams immediately above them – half of all Arsenal have conceded in the league – and it betrayed a fragility at the heart of Wenger’s team.

The 12:45pm kick-offs, as all three matches have been, are horrendous ordeals for them and this was as bad, if not worse, than the Liverpool defeat.

Now, after days celebrating Wenger’s visionary achievements, there will be days of soul-searching. In the dug-out he looked as defeated as his team.