warrior painter preacher sage
something here from every age
that scholars students alike rage

conqueror vicar silent monk
on glades and lakes geese honk
comes of age the Turkish wonk

gawkers hawkers fill Taksim
bubbling cauldron full to brim
nuzzling youth in corners dim

parks museums golden horn
races many, winds had borne
melted in and a nation born

bridges tunnels trains tracks
baggage stacks, touristy sacks
millions pass with their packs

landscape of hearty blissful views
legends of maidens run profuse
sparking the wit of many a muse

trams crisscross old and new
boats of every colour and hue
patience is this country’s glue

thump of music in the air
Sounds of supping, laughter fair
A hijab’d figure hurrying there

on road street corner bend
gladly offered for every trend
delicious food of every blend

painted girls in streets by side
waiting consorts to hitch a ride
for just a night they’ll be a bride

dine wine and dancing girls
a life of travel jewels pearls
historic fancy of counts earls

saadat tahir.
17th May, 2k14.