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Thread: [iOS][Android] RunKeeper - GPS Running, Walk, Cycling

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    Default [iOS][Android] RunKeeper - GPS Running, Walk, Cycling

    kjbcmjilbqa6 - [iOS][Android] RunKeeper - GPS Running, Walk, Cycling

    Track your pace, measure workout distance, chart weight loss, crush training goals and more with LifeHacker's 2012 Best Running App! RunKeeper is the simplest way to improve fitness, whether you're just deciding to get off the couch for a 5k, biking every day, or deep into marathon training.

    Track your runs, walks, bike rides, training workouts and all of the other fitness activities using the GPS in your iPhone.
    ○ Calculate running pace, cycling speed, route distance, elevation and calorie burn for any fitness activity - in high accuracy and real time!
    ○ Find and follow pre-planned routes and see your location route on a map
    ○ Follow training plan workouts or create your own with audio coaching
    ○ Get audio updates while you work out about your total mileage, calorie count, pace, speed, mileage
    ○ Sync your Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ heart rate monitor (such as Wahoo Blue HR, Polar H7, Garmin HRM, and many others) to track your heart rate and stay in heart rate zones
    ○ Use your iPhone 5s to track cadence and steps while you train
    ○ Use your Pebble smart watch to track all your stats, right on your wrist!
    ○ Run while listening to music - RunKeeper automatically integrates with your phone's music app.
    ○ Easily add your indoor cardio (treadmill, elliptical) and gym workouts (Yoga, Crossfit) right in the app to keep a full training log all in one place.

    Get motivation and guidance to finish a race, lose weight, or get in shape. RunKeeper is THE training app for all skill levels- "Couch to 5k" all the way up to Marathon training for speed!
    ○ Find and follow Run/Walk training plans as a beginner
    ○ Get coached with 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon training plans for more advanced runners built by renowned coaches like Jeff Galloway
    ○ Train for weight loss with "running for fat loss" plans by Mike Diebler
    ○ Already using a Greatist training calendar? RunKeeper has those too!
    ○ See your entire training calendar directly in the running app, and get coached through each workout while you run with audio cues

    o0mokru84jra - [iOS][Android] RunKeeper - GPS Running, Walk, Cyclinge8l0thh5ejuf - [iOS][Android] RunKeeper - GPS Running, Walk, Cycling
    fbv7kmbedtrt - [iOS][Android] RunKeeper - GPS Running, Walk, Cyclingx54hxseqzxyi - [iOS][Android] RunKeeper - GPS Running, Walk, Cycling

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    cc6i0it3pl8x - [iOS][Android] RunKeeper - GPS Running, Walk, Cycling

    rwt3xtcsnca4 - [iOS][Android] RunKeeper - GPS Running, Walk, Cycling
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    nyc app /up

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