ASlam Alikum

Some say, in life,
in the struggle to be,
in the hands of fate,
is our destiny…

Himself, some say,
a man must pave;
the path of glory,
of life, to the grave…

While some have faith,
as the journey is done,
the course may vary,
the destiny is one.

Yet few dont desire,
to challenge fate.
For destiny, they say,
isn’t ours to make.

I wonder if, on the road
I am free…
For what is right,
Is unknown to me.

The days are counted,
For life is short.
Though choice remains,
Which ship to board.

What matters is the journey,
The joy and the glee.
For life will end,As t’is destined to be...

And past that sea,
When life shall flee;
T’is there, t’is then,
Our destiny…