As the name suggests Trippo is a mobile application developed for assistance when you are out planning some trip. Trippo is not a free application and you will have to pay quite some money and also not forget the data rates. Another thing which is to be taken note of is that it is quite obvious that you will be using Trippo when you are out on a trip and using your 3G connection would rather prove to be costly when roaming.

trippo0163 225x300 - Plan Your Trip On Your Mobile Phone with Trippo

Features of Trippo:
1. Undoubtedly Trippo is one of the better translation applications I have seen so far and Trippo certainly impressed me a lot keeping a view on its size which is a mere 197k.
2. To use Trippo you always need a wifi, gprs or 3G connectivity as there is nothing this application can do in offline mode.
3. Trippo uses a client server technology, so just need to text in your query and the translated text will appear on your screen. Trippo does this by contacting the master servers with must be having a huge data base.
4. Trippo is available as free download for one day trial version between which you can decide the utility of Trippo for you.
5. You can also purchase the license for a period of 3, 21 and 265 days depending upon how often you roam.
Trippo provides great functionality but all this comes at a good cost. Firstly you need to buy the license then you need to buy the language packs, for instance you need to buy enligh to French pack and French to English for translations in the both language.
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Supported phones: S60 3rd Edition and UIQ 3 mobile phones