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Thread: Pro-Palestinian Companies

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    Default Pro-Palestinian Companies

    Assalaam-O-alaikum friends

    IN the past few weeks, we have been seeing many messages, videos, pictures on social network about the brutality of Israel against our Palestinian Muslim brothers and sisters.

    No doubt, this aggression and heinous act of Israeli government is unjustifiable, unethical and non-human. Whole world is condemning this ruthless approach of Israel but unfortunately none of the leaders have taken any ‘significant’ action against Israeli Government.

    We Muslim emotionally forwarding emails and message to our friends to Boycott pro-Israeli products such as McDonalds, Starbuck etc in order to bring a ‘financial disaster’ in Israel’s economy which will take time until we really see an impact and how many of us would ‘religiously’ follow and adopt this boycott is also a ‘question mark’ for me. (reference ot the post of @Arosa Hya

    Yesterday, in conversation with few intellectual friends in my circle, we decided that why don’t we take a ‘different approach’ instead of boycotting pro-Israeli product we approach the leaders of Muslim owned business and ask them to spare few percentage of their profit margin in order to support Palestine Government, if McDonalds can be called as ‘Pro-Israel’ company then why not ‘Harafi’ or Al-Baik be called as ‘Pro-Palestinian companies.

    Therefore, I strongly believe that our little effort in convincing few companies can send a very strong message to the world specially to Ruthless Israeli Government that we Muslims are united against any aggression to our fellow Palestinian brother and our financial aid will surely create a great impact in stabilizing the Palestinian Government and re-building their infrastructure and strengthen their military capabilities.

    May ALLAH SWT light and guide our ways AMEEN

    FI amaan ALLAH

    PS: While we are doing our bit, we request you to do your part and keep forwarding this message accross until we start seeing the real benefit of our little effort and different thinking, khush rahyeh
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    jazakallah kher may u succeed in this effort kinda these efforts may help them.amene
    badakhuwar2 zps199b7191 - Pro-Palestinian Companies

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