Life is sometimes hard,
Life is sometimes great,
Life can be the things you want,
Or sometimes things you hate.

Life is like a story,
Not always read the way its written,
Life is full of mystery and wonder,
Always make it glisten.

What is life without love they say? !
I reply its everything,
Life is what you make it,
It could be anything.

Love is nice,
A great feeling to behold,
Jump out and grab it,
Dont wait to be told.

But love is for hearts and hearts can be broken,
And what is life full with broken hearts?
Let go of those who have hurt you in life,
Just hold on to faith and then your life will truly start.

Learn to live life to the fullest,
Do this and you will succeed,
Make the best of what you have,
And in every situation just believe.