Dropbox for iOS - Dropbox for iOS updated, search in Word and PowerPoint plus more!
Dropbox was seeing plenty of attention when they launched their Carousel app into the App Store, and even more when they purchased Mailbox and showcased the Mac app (which recently launched a public beta). The company has now updated their iOS app, focusing on search in certain apps and bigger GIFs.

Dropbox for iOS has been updated on August 25, which brings the version up to 3.3. With the newest software, plenty of improvements have been included for those who use the cloud storage option for all their document needs. Especially those who use Word and PowerPoint. With the 3.3 update, you’ll get the ability to search within Word and PowerPoint documents thanks to higher fidelity previews.

Other improvements include smarter caching, which should mean that you start using less disk space, as well as using less data. Dropbox is now “better at opening back to where you were,” which should make editing documents or even finding a photo you were just looking at easier. And, if that’s not enough for you, users will also get support for even bigger GIFs.
The assorted bug fixes are also in there for good measure.
Do you use Dropbox? You can find a link to the free app below if you haven’t already tried it out and want to give it a go.


Available in the App Store: Free
Updated: August 25, 2014
Version: 3.3
Size: 28.5MB
Compatibility: iOS 7 or later