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Thread: Top iOS 8 Features

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    2thumbsup Top iOS 8 Features

    1. Interactive Notifications
    iOS 8 lets developers add custom actions to notifications like reply for messages, archive or trash for mails, decline/accept for calendar invites and so on. This will be really useful when you want to quickly respond to a message without leaving the current app, or when you like a Facebook comment.
    ios 8 interactive notifications - Top iOS 8 Features

    2. QuickType
    iOS 8 includes a new predictive typing system called QuickType. As soon as you start typing on the iOS Keyboard, it offers three recommended words or phrases you’d probably type next. Apple says that the suggestions will be made based on your past conversations and writing style. It also takes into account the casual style you might use while sending text messages and the more formal language that you tend to use while sending an email.

    ios 8 quicktype feature - Top iOS 8 Features

    3. Widgets

    iOS 8 finally brings a feature that we had long been waiting for: Widgets. Widgets will be available in the Today tab in Notification Center as well as on the lock screen. Apple demoed a number of widgets, including eBay, for viewing wish list items and bids and SportsCenter for viewing scores and headlines.

    ios notification widgets - Top iOS 8 Features

    4. Custom Keyboards

    With iOS 8, Apple is letting third-party developers replace the built-in keyboard with their own keyboard, system-wide. Many popular keyboard makers like Swype, SwiftKey, Flesky and TouchPal have said that they’ll have iOS 8 keyboards available on launch day.

    ios 8 thirdparty keyboards - Top iOS 8 Features

    5. Tab view in Safari for iPad
    iOS 8 brings the Tab view to Safari on the iPad. The Tab view on Safari is more organized, as tabs from the same site are grouped together, and the tabs open on your other devices are nicely arranged below the tabs.
    ios 8 safari tab view1 - Top iOS 8 Features
    You can switch to the new Safari tab view with a two or three-finger pinch gesture as you can see in the video below, which is quite cool.

    6. Photo Search

    With iOS 8 Apple has finally added a search button to the Photos app, that you can tap and find photos based on date, time, location, or album name. You also get suggestions as you type, as well as recent searches, so that you can find what you’re looking for as soon as possible:
    photo search 1024x817 - Top iOS 8 Features

    7. Family Sharing

    iOS 8 introduces a new feature called Family Sharing that makes this entire process a whole lot simpler by removing the requirement to be signed in to the same account across all devices. So your spouse could use their own account, but also be able to access apps and media you’ve purchased, location of your devices, shared reminders and more without needing your password.
    image iOS 8 Family Sharing - Top iOS 8 Features

    8. Document Provider
    Apple addressed another huge annoyance with iOS, and made it much easier to deal with files across multiple apps. Services like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. can now define themselves as “Storage Providers” so that apps that deal with files can store and retrieve files stored in these services without any hassles. These changes make it much easier to work on a single file from multiple apps without creating unnecessary copies.
    document providers - Top iOS 8 Features

    9. Quickly send recent photos

    In iOS 7 and earlier, it was a pain to attach multiple photos to a single message, but with iOS 8’s redesigned workflow, it takes far lesser taps, as demoed in the GIF below. Instead of the media picker taking up the whole screen, it now occupies just a portion of it, and lets you horizontally scroll through your entire library, allowing you to pick multiple photos, and then tap Send:
    ios8 send camera roll - Top iOS 8 Features

    10. Messages Quick Send

    The Messages app got a major update with iOS 8. One of its most cool addition is a new way to quickly send photo, video or audio recordings. Just press and hold the camera or microphone icon to start recording, and swipe up to send:
    ios8 messages send audio - Top iOS 8 Features

    11. Mail swipe for Quick Actions

    In the iOS 8 Mail app, you can now swipe all the way to the left to delete the email, and all the way to the right to mark it as read/unread.
    ios 8 mail gestures1 - Top iOS 8 Features

    12. Per app Battery usage

    OS X Mavericks added a really useful feature that let you zero down on apps that were consuming significant energy. iOS 8 add a similar option to let you see battery usage by app, so that the next time you see an unusual battery drop, you know who to blame.
    ios 8 battery usage - Top iOS 8 Features

    13. Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos

    The Photos app in iOS 8 also includes two new options namely ‘Recently Added’ and ‘Recently Deleted’ under Albums. All deleted photos go into the Recently Deleted album, and you have an option to recover photos from there, if you pressed the trash icon accidentally.
    ios8 photos recently deleted1 - Top iOS 8 Features

    14. Free up Storage space quickly

    There’s a new option in Settings > Photos & Camera to “Optimise iPhone Storage”. When you enable that, iOS will now store device-optimized versions on your iPhone, which will reduce the storage space used for photos and videos on your device.
    ios 8 optimize iphone storage - Top iOS 8 Features

    15. Photo Editing

    iOS 8 lets you access your favorite app’s photo or video editing interface, make changes and save the edited photo, all without leaving the Photos app. In the future, Instagram, VSCO cam or Aviary could have their own interface pop up within the Photos app, and you can apply your favorite filters and presets without jumping through multiple apps.

    photo editing ios 8 - Top iOS 8 Features

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