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Thread: Pakistan Taliban " Kill 100" in assault on Peshawer school

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    angry Pakistan Taliban " Kill 100" in assault on Peshawer school

    16 December 2014 Last updated at 10:26

    Pakistan Taliban 'kill 100' in assault on Peshawar school

    Local TV pictures showed injured children and adults after the gunmen opened fire during a school ceremony, as Azizullah Khan reports

    Taliban Conflict

    At least 100 people, mostly children, have been killed in a Taliban assault on an army-run school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, officials say.
    Five or six militants wearing security uniforms entered the school, officials said. Gunfire and explosions were heard as security forces surrounded the area.
    The army says most of the school's 500 students have been evacuated. It is not clear how many are being held hostage.
    A Taliban spokesman says the assault is in response to army operations.
    Hundreds of Taliban fighters are thought to have died in a recent military offensive in North Waziristan and the nearby Khyber area.
    A school worker and a student interviewed by the local Geo TV station said the attackers had entered the Army Public School's auditorium, where a military team was conducting first-aid training for students.
    Many of the casualties were reportedly caused by a suicide blast.
    The BBC's Aamer Ahmed Khan in Islamabad says Pakistan is accustomed to militant violence - but the latest attack has left the country in shock.
     79754347 79754346 - Pakistan Taliban  " Kill  100" in assault on Peshawer school Pakistani troops have been helping evacuate children from the school
     79756185 79756184 - Pakistan Taliban  " Kill  100" in assault on Peshawer school Local hospitals have been treating the injured
    The attack started at 10:00 local time (05:00 GMT).
    Mudassir Awan, a worker at the school, said he saw six people scaling the walls of the school.
    "We thought it must be the children playing some game," he told Reuters news agency. "But then we saw a lot of firearms with them.
    "As soon as the firing started, we ran to our classrooms," he said. "They were entering every class and they were killing the children."
    Locals said they also heard the screams of students and teachers. The dead are said to include teachers, as well as a paramilitary soldier.
     79756191 79756190 - Pakistan Taliban  " Kill  100" in assault on Peshawer school The army says most the children have been evacuated
     79754520 79754519 - Pakistan Taliban  " Kill  100" in assault on Peshawer school Troops have sealed off the area around the school
    Ambulances have been carrying the injured to nearby hospitals. A helicopter is also in the area. Major roads in Peshawar in the city have been sealed off.
    The school is at the edge of a military cantonment in Peshawar, which has seen some of the worst of the violence during a Taliban insurgency in recent years.
    Many of the students were the children of military personnel. Most of them would have been aged 16 or under.
    Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has described the attack as a "national tragedy".
    The Pakistani opposition politician and former cricket captain Imran Khan has condemned the attack as "utter barbarism".

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    Hemmm ab tu 137 ho gaye

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    سفاک قاتل اور ان کی جاری تشدد آميز کاروائیاں

    ہماری دلی تعزیت اور نيک دعائيں ان معصوم طلباء اور اساتذہ کے سوگوار خاندانوں اور دوستوں کے ساتھ ہیں جو آج صبح پشاور میں سکول پر ہونے والے دہشتگرد حملے ميں جان بحق ہوئے۔ ہم طلباء اور انکے ساتذہ پر ہونے والے اس دہشتگرد حملے کی بھر پور مذمت کرتے ہیں۔ یہ يقينا" پریشان کن بات ہے کہ معصوم طلباء اور انکے اساتذہ کا ان نام نہاد جہاديوں نے اپنے مذموم سياسی مقاصد کے حصول کی خاطر بے دردی سے قتل عام کيا ۔ يہ اس سے بھی زيادہ تشوش ناک بات ہے کہ يہ دہشتگرد ان معصوم طلباء اور اساتذہ کے سفاکانہ قتل عام کا مذہب کی آڑ لے کر جواز پيش کررہے ہيں۔

    اس طرح کی ظالمانہ کاروائیوں سے ان دہشتگردوں کا حقيقی چہرہ، پراگندہ ذہنیت، سياسی عزائم اور دہشتگردی سے پاکستان کو لاحق سنگین خطرہ واضح ہوجاتا ہے ۔ بلاشبہ يہ انتہاپسند عناصر فساد، قتل و غارت اور دھمکیوں کے ذریعے پاکستان ميں اپنے سیاسی عزائم کے حصول کيلۓ پر عزم ہيں۔

    ہم ان دہشتگردوں کيخلاف پاکستانی غيور عوام کی بے پناہ قربانیوں کا دل سے احترام اور قدر کرتے ہيں۔ يہ انتہاپسند اپنے شيطانی سياسی عزائم کے حصول کيلۓ خواتين اور بچوں سميت معصوم عوام کا بلادريغ قتل عام کررہے ہيں۔ ان سفاک قاتلوں نے اپنے جاری مظالم سے ثابت کرديا ہے کہ يہ لوگ انسانيت کی کوئی قدر نہيں کرتے۔ يہ جرائم پيشہ عناصر اپنےسیاسی عزائم کے حصول کی خاطر انسانیت کے خلاف کسی بھی حد تک جانے کی بھرپور صلاحیت رکھتے ہیں

    ہم اس عزم کا اعادہ کرتے ہيں کہ امريکہ پاکستانی قوم کے ساتھ ان غیر انسانی درندوں کے خلاف جاری جنگ ميں يکجہتی کے ساتھ شانہ بشانہ کھڑا ہے تاکہ ان عناصر کو شکست دے کر ملک سے انکی دہشتگری اور درندگی کا قلع قمع کرسکيں۔

    ڈيجيٹل آؤٹ ريچ ٹيم – يو ايس اسٹيٹ ڈيپارٹمينٹ!/USDOSDOT_Urdu

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