Saudi mulls imposing conservative 'head covering' dress code for female anchors

Friday, 20 February 2015

Saudi 5 - Saudi  Mulls  Imposing  Conservative  'Head Coverint  Dress Code

Karachi, February 20:
Saudi Arabia may impose a conservative dress code for female television anchors which would require them to cover their heads.
According to the Express Tribune, the Shoura Council, kings's advisory body is reviewing a proposal from General Commission for Audiovisual Media urging a conservative uniform code for women anchors.
One of the men who wrote the proposal Ibrahim Abu Abat said that it was "embarrassing" to not represent Islam in the best way.
He also said that Saudi women should appear in their respectable hijab so the media represents their beliefs in the best way.
A female member of the Shura Council, Noora Al Adwan has earlier claimed that the female representatives are putting the country's reputation on stake by not wearing their national dresses and applying too much makeup. (ANI)