moin khan - Basit Ali supports Moin Khan over casino issue
Moin khan had been under harsh criticism for his visit to a Christchurch’s Casino before Pakistan’s match against the West Indies, as a result PCB took a decision to call him back home.

Former cricketer Jalaluddin thinks the Pakistan Cricket Board is breaking down under the pressure of the media, supporters and the parliamentarians as they recalled Pakistan’s team chief selector Moin Khan at the middle of the World Cup 2015.

According to the local media, “The PCB failed to handle the pressure of Moin’s episode and pressed the panic button midway into the mega event.” said Jalaluddin. “The board could have handled the matter more sensibly as our team is already quite down after their recent defeats,” he added.

Another former Pakistani player Basit Ali added that he has known Moin from the very beginning of his career; he could confidently say that the chief selector did not gamble in casinos. “Moin has never played in a casino and I’m sure that this case will be no different. I can stand by with him in this troubled time and challenge people to prove that he is at fault,” he said.

Basit Ali also criticized senate ministers for saying that there ought to be a military trial of the team once they will be home. “Those who are in the senate should first look at the state of the country before making suggestions regarding cricketing matters. This is the time to back our team, not bring down their morale even further as they can still qualify for the quarter-finals,” media reported.