b221 - Shah Rukh solves the mystery of ‘17’
Superstar Shah Rukh Khan had been perplexed about why number 17 was being associated with him lately.

He took to micro-blogging site Twitter to refute rumours that he plays a 17-year-old boy in Fan and that in Rohit Shetty's directorial, which stars him in the lead role, there's an ensemble of 17 actors. "And the number 17 where has this come from in one press con I did?! 17 stars In Rohit's film & I am 17 yrs old in Fan...both not true," Shah Rukh tweeted.

Buzz is that SRK will be seen playing the role of a movie fan in the film, Fan. Meanwhile, Bollywood's blockbuster director Shetty's upcoming film has been embroiled in rumours since the beginning — the first being that Shah Rukh will be paired opposite Kajol. But the director has stayed mum over all the buzz around the film. Shetty's film is riding high on expectations as the duo set the cash registers ringing at the box office with their Chennai Express in 2013.

Shah Rukh later went on to decode what he said at the press event to get to the bottom of the whole buzz.

"Got it! In a generic sense I said I cldb 17 yrs with techno in my nxt film in context of age-centric casts, so casting wl b character based," he shared. Phew!