KARACHI: In a shocking revelation on Friday, former Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader, Nabeel Gabol, speaking exclusively on DawnNews, claimed a plan had been hatched to assassinate him in the troubled Lyari area.
Speaking on Dusra Rukh on DawnNews, he alleged that the task to take him out had been assigned to a target killer named ‘Patni'. He added that the assassination was to take place in Lyari so as to present the killing as connected to the Lyari gang war.

Gabol had only recently parted ways with the MQM, after he resigned from the National Assembly on February 24, 2015. Sources close to the former MNA had earlier disclosed that differences between him and the party leadership had led to his decision to quit the party.
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Gabol went on to say that the operation at Nine Zero was initially planned to take place before the Senate election.
“But some political obstacles led to a delay in the operation,” he alleged.
The federal government and Sindh chief minister were also taken on board before the raid at Nine Zero, Gabol said.