kristen bell?w600 - Disney Animation Announces The Creation Of ‘Frozen’ Sequel
It seems like Disney is not "Letting go" of "Frozen" just yet. In an announcement made by Disney Animation in their Twitter account, it said, "Forecast: Winter Weather Ahead! Disney Animation developing Frozen2 with Chris Buck."

The animated film that won awards at the Oscars will still be directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. The latter is also working on the Broadway version of the animated film. The original film, which raked a whooping US$1.24 Billion is said to be one of Disney's best yet ever. There hasn't been any announcement on the date of release for the sequel but speculations imply it would be by 2018.

According to the Telegraph, the sequel will again acquire the services of Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel to grace "Frozen 2," and as confirmed by Bell, she posted a picture on her Twitter account and captioned it, "Dreams really do come 2." And put on a hashtag of "Frozen2" and "itsofficial." The duo, Bell and Menzel have separately made two different accomplishments after the film, Menzel is setting millions of sales on her version of the song "Let It Go" while Bell racked up millions of viewers when she made short skits on her version of "Do you want to build a snowman."

In an interview with Bell, she said, "I would love to reprise Anna, Ahould my phone ring, I will be there in a heartbeat."

The sales of "Frozen" merchandize worldwide has only increased the earnings of the billion dollar animated film, from books, toys, costumes and of course its DVD sales and the CD soundtrack of the movie. Telegraph critic Tim Robey thinks that after the highly successful release of "Frozen," the next film will serve as a great challenge for Disney in providing a better if not equally kind of animated film.