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Thread: Why Ayyan Ali, Pakistan's Super Model in Jail ?

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    Help Why Ayyan Ali, Pakistan's Super Model in Jail ?

    Why Ayyan Ali, Pakistan's Super-Model, is in Jail

    World | Edited by Adrija Bose | Updated: April 06, 2015 15:38 IST
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    ayyanali 650x400 51428305930 - Why  Ayyan  Ali, Pakistan's Super Model in Jail ?

    For the last few years, Ayyan Ali was the 'showstopper' everyone waited for at Fashion Pakistan Week. For the last two weeks, Pakistan's most famous model has been in jail.
    [COLOR=#333333 !important]Ms Ali, 23, was arrested on March 14 at the Islamabad airport on charges of money laundering, according to local media; she has been in Adiala jail in Rawalpindi since then.
    [COLOR=#333333 !important]Ms Ali was reportedly found carrying $500,000 in her suitcase as she tried to leave the country to fly to Dubai. The legal limit of cash that can be carried out of the country is $10,000.[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333 !important]Ms Ali denies the charge; her lawyer has argued that the model was unaware of these customs rules. Ms Ali's application for bail was dismissed last week.[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333 !important]Meanwhile, Pakistani media have been trying to find out if the model is being treated like the other 4,500 prisoners in the jail.[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333 !important]According to a newspaper report in Pakistan,the supermodel is getting a 'VVIP' treatment inside the jail. "Two female prisoners are appointed to 'serve' her," a senior warden was quoted as saying by The Tribune.[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333 !important]The report notes that she was given a well-furnished room with a TV set, refrigerator, wore a new dress daily and was allowed a special kind of mobile phone that could bypass the prison's jammers.[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333 !important]However, according to a BBC report BBC report , jail authorities have denied giving the model any special facility.[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333 !important]They told BBC, 'She was living in a block with 10 other female prisoners and was allowed to see her family members twice a week, according to jail rules.'[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333 !important]Ms Ali began her career on the catwalk, at the age of 16. In Pakistan, she is one of the industry's best-known faces-from ice cream to mobile phones-she has appeared in almost all advertisements.[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333 !important][/COLOR]
    Story First Published: April 06, 2015 13:09 IST

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