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    candel Download WordMate - Google Android Phone Applicati

    Google’s android doesn’t have much of dictionary softwares but WordMate is one gem of software for the android platforms. The idea of WordMate is quite unique and it seems that WordMate will do well. WordMate is a universal dictionary mobile application which means that you do not need a different dictionary to every language or purpose but WordMate has it all. WordMate is an universal dictionary application for Google Android platform which does not have its own database which means that WordMate only acts as a skin or an interface between the user and the third party database. You can find many dictionaries online and add to the database of WordMate.

    s21 200x300 - Download WordMate - Google Android Phone Applicati

    Features of WordMate:

    1. WordMate can recognize most of the dictionary formats such as .dwm format and Stardict format files. There are the most famous dictionary formats and can be added to the disctionary database of WordMate very easily.
    2. Adding the dictionary database is also quite easy, you just need to download the dictionary files from the internet and save them under the /wordmate folder in SDCard.
    3. The latest version of the WordMate which is 0.7 beta was released on 24th October 2008 which supports new features such as added animation list and added wordlist. The new and the latest version of the wordmate also has better and improved graphics user interface better known as GUI.
    4. All the major bugs have been fixed in the latest version of wordmate but there are still many bugs which are left and needs to be cater to and as said by the developers, the remaining bugs will be soon sorted out.
    Given below is a list of some dictionary databases which you can download and add to the database of WordMate
    Download WordNet 3.0
    Download Dictionary of computing
    Download worldmate
    Download Dictionary Generator

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    hmm nice
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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