Jashn-e-Punjab Benefit Wrestling in Bahawalpur

BAHAWALPUR: Local wrestling is a traditional sport of the Indo-Pak subcontinent but it is losing its charm with the passage of time.

However, some people are still trying to keep it alive and such one effort has been seen in Bahawalpur as they organized a wrestling contest in the name of Jashn-e-Punjab benefit wrestling, the objective of which is to provide financial help to wrestlers.

The Jashn-e-Punjab Benefit Wrestling was held on Friday here at the Dring Stadium under the auspices of the district government and the district sports committee, and various well-known wrestlers of the south Punjab were seen in action at the arena.

A large number of wrestling fans was present to watch these contests held in flood-light.

At the end of the contests, 15 renowned wrestlers of the past and their heirs were given the benefit amounts which were derived from these contests.