obscenity in media - JI expresses displeasure over delay in PEMRA response
Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi Amir Engr. Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman has termed the letter from Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) against airing of inappropriate content during the holy month of Ramzan as a measure taken too late.

PEMRA has recently issued directions for TV channels, asking them not to air substandard content. PEMRA also directed the local channels to avoid excessive usage of foreign TV programs and to spare more time for programs that focus on children.

In a statement, issued on Monday, the JI leader said that such directions should have been issued much earlier; however, he stressed the need of implementation of these directions in letter and spirit.

Emgr. Naeem also asked the government to take disciplinary action against PEMRA officials, if they fail to implement the code of conduct.

He was of the view that it’s a collective obligation for the federal government, ministry of information and broadcasting and PEMRA to devise a close and effective mechanism to monitor the content, which airs on local TV channels and take strict action if its code of conduct is violated.

He made it clear that JI believes in freedom of media but the electronic media should also air sane content and should follow a code of conduct, he added.

He expressed his displeasure over some shows aired during the holy month of Ramzan and said that masses pointed out some misconduct and raised concerns on some aspects of the programs. Unfortunately, concerned channels and authorities did not appropriately heed the concerns of the people.

He held PEMRA equally responsible for airing illogical content on some TV channels during the month of Ramzan. Naeem said that all TV channels should consider the issuance of these directions as a warning and should avoid airing content that hurts the feelings of the masses.