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Thread: City group offers help in Geeta case

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    Default City group offers help in Geeta case

    HYDERABAD: City-based child rights organization, Balala Hakkula Sangham, has written to Union minister of external affairs, Sushma Swaraj, requesting to be a part of the government's efforts to bring 23-year-old Geeta back to India. The letter states, "We humbly request you hold deliberations with the Pakistan government to enable us to locate the lost girl and send her back to her parents".

    The deaf and mute Indian girl, who accidentally strayed into Pakistani territory 14 years ago, is currently living at a shelter home in Karachi. First discovered by Punjab Rangers, then nine-year-old Geeta was initially taken to Edhi Foundation in Lahore. She was later shifted to Karachi where philanthropist Bilquis Edhi christened her as Geeta.

    According to her caretakers, although she cannot speak, Geeta recognises the map of India and gets very emotional when she thinks about her family or her country. Most striking, however, is the fact that she explicitly identifies Jharkhand and Telangana on the map of India, pointing to the states numerous times, trying to convey the message that her parents belong to these states.

    "From the appearance of the girl, it seems that she hails from a Telugu family," the letter from Balala Hakkula states, reiterating the organisation's willingness to reunite the child with her parents back home in India. The organisation is hopeful of being able to rope in other authorities concerned to successfully carry out this mission.

    Meanwhile, Swaraj has asked the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan to meet Geeta. Responding to Pakistan's human rights activist Ansar Burney's tweet about the mute Indian girl who had strayed into Pakistan more than a decade ago, Swaraj tweeted on Monday, "I have asked the Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan TCA Raghavan to go to Karachi with Mrs Raghavan and meet this girl."

    Burney thanked Swaraj for the response through the tweet, "Sushma jee, Thank you so much for taking action and your efforts on Ansar Burney Trust request to start search of a missing family."

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    Really it is a very admirable gesture
    to send back a deaf and dumb girl to her

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