937975 image 1439533895 338 640x480 - Pakistan Version of Mime Through Time
Mime videos are the rage these days but these three Pakistani girls took the cake by making this 14th August all the more joyous through their mime video.

When one of the girls from the mime, Ayesha Haq uploaded the video on Facebook, little did she know that it would receive more than 20,000 views in less than 10 hours.

From Mehdi Hassan’s hit Ranjish Hi Sahi to Balle Balle in Mahira Khan starrer-Bin Roye let this mime paint the colourful history of Pakistan:

With more than 1200 shares, this video is fast becoming a must-watch! Ayesha captioned the video “We have put a lot of blood and sweat into this project. (Wait. Scratch that! Lots and lots of sweat ONLY).” But all that hard work paid off because it has received an overwhelming response on the social media site.

We applaud the girls for their video, such a great way to celebrate Independence Day! This was much-awaited after the recent Bollywood version of ‘Mime Through Time’.

Just a few months ago avideo by Bangalore-based comic group The Enthu Cutlets went viral over the internet. It took viewers over five decades of Bollywood songs in just under four minutes.

These mime videos have been inspired by a similar video released earlier in April by female comedy trio SketchSHE, which enacts fifty years of American pop-music hit singles.