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Thread: Imran Khan playing cricket with sons Suleiman and Qasim

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    Default Imran Khan playing cricket with sons Suleiman and Qasim

    Former 1992-World Cup winning Pakistan Imran Khan was recently seen playing cricket with his sons Suleiman and Qasim and spending time at Bani Gala, where the former cricketer and politician resides. Imran Khan posted a video and few pictures of flag hoisting on Independence Day from Bani Gala. While sharing the video, Imran Khan’s post read, “It’s a rare treat for all of us these days, watching Kaptaan playing cricket. Behind the stumps, as his sons bowl and field, he narrates a story some of us may have heard before, of Gordon Greenidge and Viv Richards; lethal West Indian batsmen…or “butchers” as Imran Khan refers to them here. Amidst it all, the eye is always on the ball, as he calls out for the boys to catch it. It’s great to see him take some much needed time off with the boys, and we are really curious to hear how the story of the great West Indian batsmen and going back to the dressing room ends….any guesses? (sic).”

    Untitled 4 - Imran Khan playing cricket with sons Suleiman and Qasim
    About his sons, the post read, “Some late summer holiday time for the Khan’s; A pleasant surprise for all the well wishers of the family to see Chairman Imran Khan with his boys; Suleiman and Qasim. They dropped in for the holidays, and are spending some quality time playing cricket and hiking, always a favourite past time for the outdoorsy Khans!”

    Cricket historian Arunabha Sengupta writes, “Imran Khan was a change agent extraordinaire. Because of him, hundreds of young Pakistani lads started lengthening their run-ups and hurling them down quick on heartbreakingly flat baked-mud wickets. Because of him, cricket in Pakistan and the subcontinent gathered a following like never before, including thousands of swooning ladies enchanted by the raw +++ appeal with which the suave Oxford-educated Pathan went about his job. Because of him, a nation of incredibly talented but rudderless cricketers suddenly became a major force to reckon with, holding their own against the mighty West Indians and finally winning the World Cup in 1992.”
    20162B 2B1 - Imran Khan playing cricket with sons Suleiman and Qasim

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