256 zpsb57kpfrg - Laraib Atta daughter of Atta Ullah Khan Esakhelvi

Laraib Atta daughter of Atta Ullah Khan Esakhelvi Pakistan’s first youngest female visual effects artist, taking Hollywood by storm.

"Relentless" is the word best described for Laraib Atta. Being the first most youngest female visual effects artist from Pakistan, Laraib has left
no stone
unturned to make her identity in Hollywood.

Laraib ventured into Hollywood at 19 years old, in 2006, when she initially began working for ad for George Michael Rolling Stones and Disney. At 16 years old got into the first Hollywood film venture, Johnny Depp's Sweeney Todd, 10,000 BC, and after that the Chronicles of Narniasequels.

She worked for Olympics promoChina, Nike Football World Cup Promo that was circulated all around the globe and she turned out to be a piece of huge VFX and media organizations including BBC, Sky, furthermore Spanish TV. She has been a piece of the group that chipped away at Gravity, Godzilla, and X-Men and some more. She is the girl of Pakistani legend, Atta Ullah Khan Esakhelvi.