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    candel Download GeoMata - Google Android Phone Applicatio

    GeoMata is an android application, developed with the aim providing information about all the monuments and historical buildings. GeoMata uses the fact that every monument has a special coding for its identification and this special coding is called the geocode of the monument and whats important here is that this geocode is unique and specific and hence it can be used to find the information of a particular monument over the internet. Suppose for instance that you are standing in front of a monument and you canít understand the inscription, then you can enter the geocode in your GPS enabled device and find the relevant information from Wikipedia in your language.

    geomata 177x300 - Download GeoMata - Google Android Phone Applicatio

    Key features of GeoMata:

    1. GeoMata is tightly integrated with Wikipedia and all the information you request for is searched from Wikipedia and displayed on the screen of your android.
    2. You can also bookmark the location you are currently in and add some description about the place so that others can see the information and if the information is found to be relevant by the administrators, the contents will be available for the other users also.

    3. With GeoMata you can also tag the information as public and private which gives you the option of making the information you put up available to others or only to you.
    4. If you donít know much about a particular place then GeoMata has another viewing mode with which you can see all the blips in your local location and you can select any blip to find the information or summary about the place or monument.
    5. GeoMata also enables you to view the blips according to the distance that is you can sort the blips according to the distance from your current location and click on the blip for more information.
    6. The information provided along with any blip need not be only text but it can also have clips and images to give you a better idea about the location.
    What you need to take care is that either you should have enormous bandwidth or you need to have a flat rate package.
    Download GeoMata:

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    Default Re: Download GeoMata - Google Android Phone Applic

    nice sharing
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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