Banana & Egg White Mask for Dry Skin

Once again, ensuring that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients listed below that will be used in the mask. This mask is good to protect skin in winter conditions and from the damaging sunrays.

Mask Ingredients:

1 ripe banana ( mashed) vitamin a, b, e, f ( work as antioxidants)
1 egg white ( only ) high in vitamin A ( tightens and refines pores for firmer skin)
1 tsp honey helps skin to retain and absorb moisture / treats acne
3 tspful oatmeal (grinded) - absorbs and removes surface dirt, oils and impurities - works as a natural skin cleanser

Mix all ingredients one by one, starting with the banana, then the eggwhite, then the honey and then last but not least, the oatmeal which will bring it into a paste form and will assist in solidifying and holding the mixture together. It will then be best to apply it with a mask brush on the entire face and leave for 20 mins and then wash it off. This mixture may be stored for use daily from 2-3 days only. After 3 days of use, this mask should show some noticeable results.

Hope it works well for those of you that will be trying it out and I think after reading a bit more about essential oils, herbs, fruits and vegetables around us, we should start paying more close attention to how we can incorporate these more natural ingredients into our daily routine instead of investing so much more money into skin treatments, creams and medicines. They may even make matters worse for us rather than better.

I think we really are what we eat and we can now even put it on our faces

Take care & thanks for reading guys.

Have a gorgeous day!!!