Learn Arabic is a new way of learning Arabic. The fundamentals of Arabic language can be learnt using this app. This app is very useful for people who are traveling to the Middle East for the first time and want to learn Arabic. Quickly learn the most frequent Arabic words and travel phrases before your holidays or build a solid vocabulary.

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This Application will help you, travelling abroad, working for an international company, or chatting with foreign friends.

The voice recording of Arabic to English translation benefits the users in learning Arabic. It has the following sections:

Alphabets: Arabic Alphabets with example and voice over.

Numbers: Learn Arabic numbers with translation, transliteration, and Voice over.

Vocabulary: The section includes Basic Arabic words of daily use with English translation and Audio pronunciation.

Common Sentences & Words: The category includes words and common sentences of daily use in Arabic.

Definite Article: This section includes the use of English Definite Articles in Arabic along with examples.

Prepositions: Learn how prepositions are used in Arabic.

Interrogative Articles: Basic interrogative article translation from English to Arabic.

Masculine Feminine: Learn differentiation of genders in Arabic.

Personal Pronouns: Know about Arabic Words used to associate with personal pronouns.

Conversations: Section features some basic conversations a person has to daily in Arabic.

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