• UK next ISIS target, warns US terror expert

    Posted on: 06:30 PM IST Dec 04, 2015

    London: Britain has been identified as the next target for a Paris-style terror attack by Islamic State terrorists, a US-based Middle East security expert has warned.The attack is likely to be launched by British-born Islamist terrorists travelling back from Syria, Paul Cruickshank, the terrorism analyst for a news channel, has said.

    isis 59141 - UK next  ISIS target, warns US  terror expert


    He claimed that he has been told about the threat by a senior European counter-terrorism official.Cruickshank said the source told him: "There's intelligence that has been obtained by European security agencies that ISIS in Syria and Iraq is aiming to hit the United Kingdom next."The intelligence suggesting that British ISIS operatives in Syria and Iraq have been tasked to return to the United Kingdom to launch an attack against the UK. These concerns have been compounded by that vote yesterday in the British House of Commons authorising British airstrikes for the first time against ISIS in Syria."Cruickshank, who has reported extensively on al-Qaeda, ISIS and other Islamist extremist groups, added that it is "not clear how imminent this threat is".Meanwhile, a UK-based radicalisation expert said that the UK is under threat from home-grown jihadis. Suraj Lakhani, lecturer in criminology and sociology specialising in radicalisation and violent extremism at Sus+++ University, fears that young British Muslims are being radicalised by British extremists."There is always going to be a fear and a risk that this radicalisation we are seeing is happening within the UK. We know that 750 to 1,000 British Muslims have gone to fight with ISIS and that some of them have come back.""The reality is that there is a high terror alert and there is a threat it's (Paris Attacks) something that could happen in the UK," Lakhani said. Following the attacks in Paris on November 13 in which 130 people were killed and after the launch of air strikes on Syria this week, the UK remains on a high terror alert.