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Thread: Download handyCalc - Google Android Phone Applicat

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    candel Download handyCalc - Google Android Phone Applicat

    The new google android has opened many opportunities for the open source developers to show their creativity and intelligence. handyCalc is one such application which comes right from the desk of one such developer. Almost every other phone has a calculator in it but there is no phone which has a calculator which is even close to the power of handyCalc and this is all because of the android OS. handyCalc just like many other calculators not only performs the simple arithmetic operations but it also has some very unique advanced mathematics features which are listed below.

    handycalc 210x300 - Download handyCalc - Google Android Phone Applicat
    Features of handyCalc are:
    1. handyCalc enables the G1 users to solve complex mathematical equations which includes solving the linear eqations.
    2. With handyCalc you can also finds the roots of the equation may it be linear or complex.
    3. You can also perform calculations based on the Newton method.

    4. But the most striking feature about handyCalc is that you can also draw graphs and study and compare two graphs. The graphs you draw can also be animated without any glitch in the recent upgrade of the handyCalc.
    5. You just need to type in the equation for which the graph is required and handyCalc will mange the rest of mathematics for you and will diplay the best possible graph from the available information.
    6. You can also zoom in and out from the graph if you want to concentrate on a particular region of the graph.
    7. Whats really good is that despite it providing really complex operations, it keeps all the complexity to itself and has a very clean and friendly interface making it very easy for even the novice users to use it.
    The functionality of handyCalc must be very clear uptill now but if in case it is not clear you can visit the following video tutorial for any further assistance.
    Download handyCalc

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    Default Re: Download handyCalc - Google Android Phone Appl

    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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