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Thread: The Milky Way is part of actual new game

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    Default The Milky Way is part of actual new game

    Only in our galaxy, the Milky Way, there could be 400,000 million solar systems. And now they are all part of Elite: Dangerous (ED), a game of space exploration and colonization where you can tour the wonders of the Milky Way.

    ED is a project posted on Kickstarter and its author David Braben, real information has been used to build it. In an interview with the New Yorker magazine he reported that "every star in the night sky of the game actually exists. For each star we simulate the entire model of your solar system, not just the chemical composition of the planets, but their orbits, if there have been collisions between planets and spillovers ".

    In this game ED 160,000 stars we see recreated with complex mathematical models. Some of them are invisible even using the Hubble Space Telescope. All these stars and planets that surround and solar systems containing them can be visited in the game. The distances between celestial objects are also real, so even using spacecraft with powerful technology to cross millions of light years, progress in the game will depend on the desire for adventure user, colonizing new planets, fighting alien races and exchanging goods with other worlds.

    Sponsored by chicken games online play chicken crush pine apple game online free Simulation games like ED are a delight for fans of space and video games, but also for scientists, because the simulations play an important role in astronomy and astrophysics by enabling environment to have a trial and error about the size of the universe per se.

    Also in New Yorker Andrew Kuh, program director of space flight and microgravity UK Space Agency, computer simulations based on real astronomical data "serve, even to define new space missions."

    Elite: Dangerous can be purchased from your website for $ 59.99 USD (49.99 euros), although it is not yet complete, but it is a work in progress.

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