Pakistan is a country that thrives in Islam and its teachings. It is undisputed that the time goes by Muslims succumb to the traditions of other countries and way of life, which is different from their religion, but there are people like molana tariq jameel, who will always remember his true ambitions.
Molana Tariq Jameel is one of the most prominent scholars of Islam in Pakistan he dedicated his life to preaching Islam and ask people to return to God the Almighty and looked follow prescribed their religion in the true spirit.Tariq Jameel was a child who continue their education, His father wanted him to a doctor. Molana Sahab started MBBS. Maulana eventually changed his mind and begin to pay more attention to research Islam. Molana tariq jameel decided, one day his MBBS course in the middle of the road and dedicate his life to serve Islam and travel around the world and invite so many people as possible to the religion.

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