Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W)” is one of the best and popular urdu novel written by pakistan’s famous writer umera ahmed. The Urdu popular fiction is blessed to have writers like Umera Ahmed. in the start of her career she start writing stories and novels for popular family digests. Mostly she write novels for Khawateen Digest and the Shua Digest, both belonging to the same group of publishers. She also wrote some Urdu stories and novels for Pakeezah digest too.
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Umera Ahmed has wrote about various topics, But The topic of her initial novels was the self-esteem of the women of Pakistan. She especially wrote about the self-esteem of the women who are not very much physically endowed and often considered ugly by the society. After writing about the self-esteem of the women for a while, Umera Ahmed started to write Urdu stories and novels on Pakistan’s bureaucracy. One of her very famous Urdu novels on Pakistan’s bureaucracy is called ‘Amer Bail’.

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Although there are many novels of Umera Ahmed, which became bestsellers, however some novels of her broke all the records.And Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W) belongs to that category lot of friend of mine read it 3 to 4 time some of them read it even more time and whenever you asked them which one is your all time favorite urdu novel they will defiantly without doubt tell you that it is Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W). it was also firstly published in khawateen digest and then as a printed book, and now here comes its online edition. If you didn’t read it yet then it’d be the present experience for you and if you did read it then give it another try and have fun. Read it and feel the magic of umera ahmed’s blessed writing skills.