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Thread: Urdu to English Dictionary- An Android app with Knowledge

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    Default Urdu to English Dictionary- An Android app with Knowledge

    Urdu dictionary is a learning android app which has the motive to enhance the English vocabulary of the user.
    Distinctive features of this app are as follows

    Essential Feature of this app:

    • Home: This feature allows the user to select the language of own desire and find out their meaning in Urdu
    • Thesaurus: Thesaurus allows the user to select the word of own choice and find out the meaning of all related words start from that alphabet.
    • Antonym: User can find the antonym of the specific word
    • Word of the Day: Through word of the day feature user can learn one word on the daily basis.
    • Urdu Keyboard: Urdu keyboard allow the user to type easily Urdu word by just changing the mode of dictionary
    • Audio Voice: Audio voice allows the user to listen audio voice of their desired word and correct his or her pronunciation.

    Download this app for free and enhance your English vocabulary.
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