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    To energize, distribute or just satisfy hunger to taste, one concocts fruit and vegetable smoothies. Easy to prepare and carry, the recipe is chosen which corresponds to its needs. Advice for three smoothies physician nutritionist Sophie Ortega.

    The red smoothie for an energy boost

    To take when awakening is like the Bolivian lazy or when severely pique the nose in the middle of the afternoon. "The goal is to fight a moment of fatigue. To boost we therefore put on sugar, made by honey and red fruit, vitamins, they contain more than citrus fruits, yogurt and protein, "says nutritionist Sophie Ortega. The smoothie can be drunk at any time of the day or to replace the breakfast. If one needs to eat more, add one or two slices of buttered whole grain bread or a piece of cheese.What to put in the blender? 50 g raspberries, blueberries 50 g and 50 g blackcurrant, with natural yoghurt, 10 cl coconut cream and a teaspoon of honey.Good to know: red fruits,
    whether frozen, retain their vitamins.

    images?qtbnANd9GcRQM W1tv8A742NtKg8rcv4EbKqRxySvLyF7OHLoV6CUYM2qUrW - Smoothie Recipes 2016 App

    White smoothie to ease stress
    Needless to move the great ways to relax for a high voltage week, we simply pick in his closet: "In times of stress, it takes energy while avoiding taking stimulants. therefore favors the sugars of the banana, the least fruits rich in vitamin C, such as pear, and magnesium which calms the nervous system, supplied here by almond milk, "the doctor says.What to put in the blender? A banana, a pear, two tablespoons of almond cream and 15 cl of almond milk.Good to know: if the fruits and vegetables are not organic, remember to peel them before mixing.

    images?qtbnANd9GcQZA1vcxWUKe1gsiyrwbcb5F05ashSe0VleDEl4AcIXH4sWIs6a - Smoothie Recipes 2016 App

    The tangy smoothie for a detox effect

    Cheese fondue the day before meals backwards for several days, it takes little to know the joys of digestive problems. "The smoothie food must clean the intestines without attacking. This is the case cucumber diuretic that more, and apple. Ginger and lemon promote the secretion of bile and aid digestion and cleanses the liver, "says Sophie Ortega.What to put in the blender? Half a cucumber, green apple, lemon juice, a little slice of ginger.
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