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    Makeups in green, despite seem obvious, they look good on women who have green eyes or celestial. It is important to know what color is special for every type of woman. In this tutorial we will have in the simplest way possible, how about blue eyes look green shade. In just nine steps we are going to break down how to do this, which is much easier than parece.En the first step should be placed shadow base the same color as your skin tone. This step helps the makeup that we apply in the following steps, can adhere without major problems, achieve durability, and its colors look real and intense. They should apply all around the eye. For the second step eyeliner pencil need a green parrot.
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    They will apply in the crease between the eyelid and the fixed eyelid. Termination on the outside, it must be pointed. In step three, we will apply on the outer eye socket, dark green shade. Remember to fill with some precision the point that drew in the previous step. Then, to step number four, should get a green shade in a shade lighter than that used in step number three. The applied over the central third of the eyelid. In step five, will apply green shade still a shade lighter than used in step four, and placed in the third of the eyelid that still makeover: the inner eye area. For Step number six, they must get an ultra thin brush and black shadow. With it, they will intensify completion in curved tip. In Step number seven we will use a fine brush and the same color shade we use in step number three. With the shadow we outline the under eye area, below the water line. In step number eight, we must address all the makeup blur applied so far. We can use a clean thick brush, and slowly smoked all makeup. This helps us that the boundaries between one color and another is not noticed. Finally, in step number nine, must apply mascara black color, and give many passes are necessary to achieve good volume

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