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    Default My relationship with makeup

    I show a very simple, natural and slightly washed-nude look, which I have supported in recent times often. I first distribute a tinted day cream on the face: La Crème du complexion of Absolution (currently fits the Nuance medium with me, there are now also Light) or the matting Gea Complexion Color Corrector of Agronauti I especially liked. In a strong matting loose powder, usually of French classics Poudre Libre Dermophile of T.LeClerc comes in nuance banana. He keeps the shine for hours in check, so I had him here in sweaty Hong Kong or Bangkok. Alternatively, I the Translucent Compact Powder Ilge of And Gretel recommend, which also has a really good matting effect. On the cheekbones I wear still the Bronzing Powder Dr. Hauschka on a hint of it on the sides of the forehead and on the nose.

    images?qtbnANd9GcQpYNThFuGWtneDKESt8CyBXWIp39pQSvYpPfy1dJXERB0qT u0 - My relationship with makeup

    The eyebrows I brush with the tinted eyebrow angel of Alverde in the Nuance Blonde in shape. On the whole eyelid area is the eyeshadow grace of Kkaer weis, the light beige brown clay is very soft and does not push itself into the foreground. In the new Müller-nature Store in Nuremberg I have recently mascara by marie w. purchased in the Nuance umber because it fits better than Rabenschwarz to such natural and restrained looks - but that Brown is not too bright, but emphasizes the lashes well. On the lips I give the lipstick in Nude by Zuii I got at Vivaness. The Nuderosé with creamy finish I carry on only a single delicate layer, so my natural lip color still shines through something and I do not "naked" look.

    Yesterday evening took place my first readers meetings, hui, that was exciting and very very nice! Today and tomorrow I now visit the Natural Cosmetics Conference in Berlin - I will report from both events on my blog. In the meantime you can into the "green" makeup bag by Juliane Julie and watch!

    Previously showed Noemi B., Amélie, Ida, Sunswirl, Ruth, Lea, Ranunculus, Andrea, Ellalei, Vanessa, Lina, Tilliel, Johanna, Katrin, winter white, Emma, peony, hazel, Annamo, Katje, Buzzella, Melanie, Sonny, ice Cube, Petra, Arabesque, Sina, Sabine, Sarah, Bobby, Victoria, Karin, and I Mexicolita our makeup bag in this series - a Japanese version already existed. And now the curtain for Julie!

    ♦ The facts: I am Juliane, abbreviated Julie, 24, live in the Ruhr area and am currently a student of art history, which I'm writing my MA thesis. Clear that since I still had to attend the series to prokrastinieren to . My facial skin is very dry and often an allergic reaction, which many beautiful things unfortunately excludes from the outset. My skin tone I would describe as tends to warm and slow light, my eye color is blue-green and from the head sprouting me blond brown hair that have now arrived at Steißlänge.

    ♦ My relationship with eye makeup: For a long time I wore no makeup, and do it even today not too often, because I prefer to completely let my skin rest during a bout of atopic dermatitis. My style can be described as natural - colorful bird of paradise is not so my world, although I admire it in others. My first product was 18 a lipstick, really to the taste I arrive four years ago by Beauty blogs that have me also led to the conversion to natural cosmetics. In my purse to find though always only a lip balm and lipstick of the day, the choice is shown but moved several times with me on vacation.

    ♦ Concealer: Is the ever-popular UnCoverUp RMS Beauty in color 22, which I use as a Foundation. So rare as I Wear Foundation, it is not worth it to have an extra product. Too bad that the 22 rather my summer color is ... I think I need the 11 also.

    ♦ cheeks products: In terms Rouge I am pretty boring: Although I own a Lip2Cheek-Pöttchen and a couple of Alverde-Blushes, but are only used when I use Foundation. Often I wear hand the Living Luminizer RMS Beauty I like generous Dosière because I do not shine even in midsummer by nature.

    ♦ eyeshadow: The Mono Eyeshadow by Dr. Hauschka stand my opinion conventional eye shadows in every way and keep without eyeshadow base well. I particularly like the peach blossom (Elegant Beige of Alverde is the shimmering counterpart) and the eyeshadow gray brown. I confess, I still have a pile of conventional eyeshadows that I will probably never use up ...

    ♦ Mascara: Currently the Organic Wear by Physicians Formula - I really like, powerful lashes, but long-term I do not want in the USA, my mascara. Again, I like it discreetly, with drama eyelashes I'd feel uncomfortable.

    ♦ eyebrows: The transparent eyebrow angel of Alverde has prevailed with me. Since I have naturally dense, but left and right differently shaped eyebrows, I never let this step, and the Alverde gel does its job reliably, without being as hard as rock eyebrows.

    ♦ lips: My favorite section! I'm definitely a Lipstick Lady, Gloss I do not have, because I find that many glosses own tack quite annoying. I am ashamed almost, to be the umpteenth, the products of Ilia beauty shows, but they are just fine. Especially often come Funnel of Love and Dress You Up used. For soft lips lip balm makes coconut from Amazingy who has an ideal ratio of wax to oil for my taste. Only the herausschmeckbare sunflower oil could be a reason for me again to look for something else.

    ♦ Bags: A one-off that I bought before felt forever by an elderly lady who sold on the flea market Kieler regularly their handicrafts.
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