NEW DELHI: Former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar told media that India's tour of Pakistan scheduled for next moth looks "impossible" in the present scenario.

"I think under the present circumstance, when at the highest political and diplomatic level there has been a fallout because of what has happened, I think cricket would not be an exception.

"Cricket would be affected by all that unless the signals come from the highest political level. I don't see why cricket won't follow the suit and so at the moment it is impossible to go ahead with the tour," said Gavaskar.

Gavaskar also said that the much talked about security has taken focus away from the game so far but it won't be a distraction for the players from either side.

"I think what has happened in last few days, security has taken precedence over cricket. Cricketers being professionals would focus on the next ball. They have got to undergo these things because it is for betterment of everybody. So I don't think thatís going to be much of distraction for them," opined Gavaskar.