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Thread: Assigning Shortcuts To Camera Mobile Phone With Ca

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    candel Assigning Shortcuts To Camera Mobile Phone With Ca

    i - Assigning Shortcuts To Camera Mobile Phone With Ca

    This is a software basically used for assigning shortcuts to camera mobile phone. This software helps to use your camera mobile with one touch, i.e. you can made changes in your camera setting with shortcuts assigned to it.This software will make your phone accessible with only one touch and the entire settings cam be done in an effective and efficient manner by pressing a single key to access camera functions.
    This software can only be installed in your phone if it has the Symbian operating systems.
    This software was launched on November 17th, 2008. Camcuts software can be installed on S-60 mobiles which add functionality to your mobile phone by assigning shortcuts to your camera, assigning keys for basic functionality, add some more functions to your camera, also compatible with enhancements used by phone while using camera.

    camcuts 300x260 - Assigning Shortcuts To Camera Mobile Phone With Ca

    Basic functionality added by the Camcuts software to increase the functionality of your camera.

    Camcuts add 3 more features to assign shortcuts to your camera mobile .Features provided by Camcuts:-
    1. Flash mode :
    • Key 1 – Auto (add camera to set on auto flash mode )
    • Key 4 – On(flash of camera is set on )
    • Key 7 – Red Eye (add red eye feature to flash on taking a photograph)
    • Key * - Off(flash of camera is set off)
    2. Photo Mode :-
    • Key 2 – Auto(set camera mode to auto which adjust its screen mode according to the day light )
    • Key 5 – User(set camera to user mode in which user will set the photo mode according to itself )
    • Key 8 – Night(set camera to night mode )
    • Key 0 – Macro(set the camera to macro mode in which user gets a super magnified image )
    3. General :-
    • Key 3 – Video/Photo(change mode to either video or photo )
    • Key 6 – Crosshair (adjust cross hair according to camera features )
    • Key 9 - Color Mode(add settings to your phone in which user can adjust color sensitivity of the image )
    • Key # - Self Timer(add the camera to functionality if clicking the photo automatically after the timer has set)

    Download *Camcuts

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    Default Re: Assigning Shortcuts To Camera Mobile Phone Wit

    nice sharing
    Main un sheesha garahon se pochta hon
    K toota dil bhi jorra hai kisi ney

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